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Looking at vintage comic books for inspiration has been a passion of ours for a while now, it dawned on us that they should be out there in the world.

We did something about it and started restoring the covers for print and came up with some products we hope you will love.

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Hello fellow comic lovin' kids!

Comic Age Clothing love retro and comics and everything in-between and we're sure you do too...
We'd love to do more, but we could do with a few extra hands. (And not in a freaky tentacle way). We are looking for comic content writers, artists and more.

If you have the same passions as we do, then get in touch.

Cover Talk

What is Cover Talk?

It's our blog on comic book covers we love.

We'd love to create a story around each cover that we restore. It's not easy to find the info on the comics so we need your help. We aren't comic book experts, we are just admirers of the design and work gone into them.

This is why we are restoring covers, we want to learn more and have the designs out there so they can be talked about. Do you agree?

Strange Worlds Dark Grey t-shirt

Cover Talk: Strange Worlds

By Comic Age Clothing | 26th April 2019

The Story Behind The Cover… OCTOPUS – KINGS OF THE LOST PLANET BY W. MALCOLM WHITE Perhaps it was only right that we were to find the answer to the Great Asteroid Mystery on the planet named after the famous Edgar Allan Poe. I refer to the tiny worldlet called Poesia, on your star charts…

Read on..

Hi, we are comic admirers

Do you love vintage comics?

We have been learning from the past, the comic archives are great reads and we appreciate the art-work and design.

The problem we found is covers are lost to time, get little exposure and need restoration. So we started with some of our favourites restoring them to make products we hope you love and can talk about far into the future.


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Ricardo Pirroni


Born with a mask and bitten by at least three radio-active ferrets, our Chief demands only the best from his motley crew. Late at night, he performs miracles with lost artwork, restoring comic book covers to their former pristineness for use on our clothing.


Will Preston

When things go wrong, you’d better hope our technician is in the house. Forged from pure unobtanium with a brain the size of a planet, he can make repairs at an almost molecular level. If things are running smoothly it's usually because it's been optimised to work that way.

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